Soggy Update

I don’t really know what day number it is or what mile we are at. But I can tell you that the section between Skykomish and Stehekin was one of the most challenging of the trail. It’s been raining and it’s been cold, and the forecast is for more rain and lots of snow at higher elevations. We hiked through in misery, including a 25-mile day climbing 8000 ft. in elevation, dropping 8500 ft. and finally missing our campsite in the dark by half a mile.

We are something like 80 miles from the border. We intend to hike on but are unsure of what exactly the plan is going to be. We might hitch into a larger town for winter gear, we might push through the snow, we might take a lower route. Hopefully the next post will include pictures of us at the Northern Terminus. Stay tuned and wish us luck.

5 thoughts on “Soggy Update

  1. LydTheKyd

    Oooooooooh, you guys, I’m thinking about your poor, shriveled little toes!! GOODthoughtsGOODthoughtsGOODthoughtsGOODthoughtsWARMandDRY XOX Lyd

  2. Laura Harrington

    Hey guys! We just heard from two friends, Banana Ripper & Songbird, that the prospects beyond Stehekin are LOADS better (and that the pastries in Winthrop are worth the detour). We’re rooting for you, and sending you the warmest, driest, lovingest thoughts we can. Hang in there, and we look forward to the border picture! xoxo Laura & Brook


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